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PCHD Receives "Bright Idea" Award

Breastfeeding Peer CounselorsPictured left to right are PCHD’s very own Breast feeding peer counselors: Leah Diffey, Rhiannon Terrill, and Leanne Hinds.

May 9, 2016...The Missouri Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Conference was held in Jefferson City April 26th and 27th. It was a time for Peer Counselors to Network and learn during a variety of talks and panel discussions. Throughout the event, awards were presented to agencies. PCHD received the “Bright Ideas” award.

The Bright Ideas Award was presented to agencies using creative strategies to impact lactation throughout their communities. Pike County was selected for this award for the collaboration with Hannibal Regional Hospital which allows them to provide Breastfeeding Peer Counselors in the hospital as well as in the WIC Clinic. The Peer Counselors are able to provide breastfeeding education and support to families before, during and after delivery.

Free Breastfeeding Class!!! Pregnant moms and their support are welcome. Tuesday, May 17th at the Pike County Health Department, 2:00 pm. Topics include Skin to Skin, Colostrum, Baby Friendly Practices, Feeding Cues, Good Latch, & Signs of Healthy Eating. Please contact Leah Diffey for more information or to reserve your spot at 573-324-2111

Leanne Hinds and Diane BibbPCHD Breastfeeding peer counselor Leanne Hinds (left) graciously donates to the Milk Depot, with Diane Bibb (right) from Hannibal Regional Hospital.

PCHD Attends Milk Depot Grand Opening

May 9, 2016...PCHD Breastfeeding Peer Counselors were at the Grand Opening of the Milk Depot at Hannibal Hospital. Human milk can be donated and will go to the Milk Bank in Indiana where it is processed and given to fragile babies in various NICUs.

Our very own, Leanne Hinds, is the first to graciously donate at the Hannibal Milk Depot. Thank you for giving such a precious gift that will help keep tiny babies healthy. You are amazing!!

For more information about milk donation contact Diane Bibb at 573-406-2122.

Breastfeeding Newsletter - "Perfect Food for Tiny Tummies"

Every baby is born with a tiny stomach, only the size of a shooter marble or cherry. Mom makes the perfect amount of milk for her baby when she is allowed to fully breastfeed her baby. As the baby gets older, the stomach grows and the milk supply increases. Breast milk is easily digested and that is why infants eat small, frequent meals. Newborns eat often, about 8-12 times a day.

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