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Feedback for Survey Requested

PCHD is conducting a survey along with the Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives Coalition and ask for your help. We need to collect as much data as we can regarding the knowledge that Pike County community members have about mental health and services available in the county. If you could please take a few short minutes to fill out this short survey it would greatly help us out. Please also feel free to forward the link on to others in the county that you think would take the time to fill it out. The more responses we get, the better. Thank You!

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Home Health and Hospice Recognized During November

Home Health & Hospice Staff

During November the home care and hospice community honor the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, social workers, and volunteers who make a remarkable difference for the patients and families they serve. These heroic caregivers play a central role in our health care system and in homes across the nation and provide patients the freedom to live richer, fuller lives.

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Breastfeeding Newsletter - "Pumping Breastmilk"

Pumping is not necessary for successful breastfeeding if the mother and baby are together all of the time, but it can be a helpful tool. Women choose to pump their breastmilk for different reasons; to make sure their infant is getting as much breastmilk as possible and to help them maintain their milk supply when they are apart. Depending on the objective, a mom will pump or hand express at different parts of the day.

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